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Admiralty ENC Maintenance Record NP133C


Admiralty ENC Maintenance Record

The ADMIRALTY ENC Maintenance Record aids inspections, assists SOLAS chapter V carriage compliance and streamlines information management. It is similar to the Paper Chart Maintenance Record (NP133A), also produced by UKHO.

It is laid out in nine logical sections, with clear templates for bridge crews to utilise in order to make administrative processes faster and more efficient. Also, by consolidating records into one well-organised folder, it enables inspectors and auditors to quickly see that ENCs and ECDIS are well managed. The nine sections are:

1. Digital Chart Service Certificate

2. Schedule A

3. ENC Status

4. Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners and ADMIRALTY Information Overlay status

5. Important Service Notices (e.g. the README file )

6. Section VIII of ADMIRALTY NMs

7. Cancelled and Withdrawn ENCs

8. Maintenance of ECDIS

9. ECDIS Installation

The folder sections encourage the bridge crew to store additional material on general ECDIS maintenance. If all sections are completed and kept up-to-date, the folder can be used as part of the handover process and can be easily integrated into the Safety Management System to aid ISM compliance.


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