Baker Lyman. Maximum BTC Hand Held Analog Anemometer
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Maximum BTC Hand Held Analog Anemometer


The BTC hand held anemometer features Maximum's unique folding 3-cup design. Cups collapse for easy storage, and the instrument comes with a custom carrying case.

To determine wind speed simply open the folded cups and hold the instrument in a wind current. Unlike fan type hand held anemometers that must be aimed precisely into the wind, our wind tunnel tested accuracy is not affected by its position. Wind direction is variable and this instrument records accurately from any direction.

BTC registers wind speeds from 0-35 MPH or 0-70 MPH (also scaled 0-30 Knots and 0-60 Knots) with its jeweled meter movement. User selects high or low range with a button. Cup rotor is 5.88" in diameter when extended.


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