Baker Lyman. Official USCG Logbook
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Official USCG Logbook

BK-484 Official Logbook 706B (Revised 04-03) USCG OMB1625-0018 ISBN: ME484

Name of Vessel, Official Number, Port of Registry, Tonnage, Name of Master, Master's MMD / License Number, Nature of Voyage or Employment, Class of Vessel

List of Crew and Report of Character
Name of Seaman, MMD #, Capacity Engaged, Report of Character (Conduct & Ability),

Table of Contents
Part Item Pages
  Helpful Hints On Logbooks 2
I. United States Code requirements relating to Official Logbooks 3-5
II. Care and Disposition of Official Logbooks 5
III. Examples of CFR Citations referencing Official Logbook entries 5-8
IV. Logging of Offenses and Penalties regarding Seaman. 8-9
V. Official Logbook entries in the event of the death of a seaman 10
VI. Log entry pages:  
    a) Crew List and Report of Character 11-16
    b) Draft and Load Line entries 17-22
    c) Maintenance of Watertight Integrity of the ship 23-26
    c) Drills and Inspections 27-40
    d) Miscellaneous Entries 41-56


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