Baker Lyman. US Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) 2020 (eBook)
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US Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) 2020 (eBook)

This product enables US-flagged ships to keep up to date with US CFRs. It is available on annual subscription and is updated throughout the year. Purchasers of an annual subscription will receive a plaque to display on the navigational bridge to show that the ship meets the requirements for the carriage of flag State material and publications in electronic format.

The US flag State is regulated by the US Federal Government. Subject to certain requirements, the US considers documentation in an electronic format as being equivalent to carriage of paper documentation. Witherby US Flag State Regulations are updated throughout the year and contain:


  • US Code of Federal Regulations 33 (CFR 33 Navigation)
  • US Code of Federal Regulations 46 (CFR 46 Shipping)
  • US Code of Federal Regulations 49 (CFR 49 Transportation)
  • Legislation (Jones Act, OPA 90 and Panama Regulations)
  • Standalone publications (including the US Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook, the USCG Marine Safety Manual, the Emergency Response Guidebook and the CHRIS Manual).


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