Baker Lyman. Voyager Worldwide Announces New Partnership with Baker, Lyman & Co.
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Voyager Worldwide Announces New Partnership with Baker, Lyman & Co.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Voyager Worldwide, the leading maritime technology company, and Baker, Lyman & Co., Inc., one of the oldest distributors of Admiralty and NOAA navigation charts and publications in the USA,  announced a new partnership to provide Voyager navigation software solutions to Baker Lyman customers ahead of the retirement of the UKHO’s ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station and ADMIRALTY Gateway e-chart updating software on January 29 2021.

The main features of the partnership are as follows:

  •         Voyager Worldwide’s Voyager Planning Station onboard navigational software application will provide a very easy, simple and cost-effective solution for the complex and time-consuming task of managing electronic and traditional navigation onboard and assist with the compliance with Safety Management Systems (SMS) procedures.
  •         The V-Drive will provide a very simple way to manage AVCS updates enabling navigating officers to simply plug the V-Drive into a USB port on their Voyager PC.  This will automatically download and transfer all necessary ENCs, updates and permits required to navigate safely and compliantly along with the planned route to the V-Drive so that it can uploaded in the ECDIS.
  •         An optional port to port route planning tool that will enable navigators to automatically generate a route between two points which can then be refined to meet specific orders and other voyage requirements.
  •         A Route Validation tool to enable users to run digital safety checks between each waypoint to analyse the route and compare the navigational data with the vessel’s draught, height and other specifications. Validating routes before transferring to ECDIS reduces the risk of the ECDIS route validation failing and streamlines the route and passage planning process prior to the start of a voyage.
  •         Voyager’s GPS Overlay feature that will enable the Voyager PC onboard to be used as an extra back up to ECDIS. It works by connecting to either a wired or wireless AIS Pilot Plug or USB to NMEA device to provide the live vessel GPS position which is then overlaid on the latest ENCs using Voyager’s inbuilt ENC viewer.

Harpreet Mavi, General Manager, APAC and USA, at Voyager Worldwide commented: “We are delighted to have been chosen by Baker Lyman to become a Voyager Planning Station Reseller. Establishing this new partnership with Baker Lyman, such a longstanding and respected provider of nautical products and services to commercial shipping companies, demonstrates the attractiveness of our end to end Voyager system to businesses supplying navigational charts and publications and wanting to enhance their customers experience with leading-edge technology solutions for the complex task of managing both e-navigation and traditional paper navigation management."

Corinne Titus at Baker, Lyman & Co. said: “We are delighted to be working with Voyager Worldwide to offer our customers with greater levels of automation and simplicity on the bridge and make day to day navigation tasks easier. Using the same user-friendly software to manage all navigation management tasks means navigators don’t have to keep switching between different software and will provide a much simpler and more efficient way of working.”


About Voyager Worldwide

Voyager Worldwide is a leading maritime technology brand providing navigation and maritime information solutions for shipping and adjacent industries. Voyager Worldwide was formed in 2020 by bringing together Cornes Charts, Global Navigation Solutions and Safe Navigation.

The company’s Voyager solutions give vessels, ship operations and management a clear view of what’s happening in today’s complex maritime environment enabling issues to be identified and fixed faster, processes to be simplified, fleet performance to be improved and risk to be reduced.

Voyager Worldwide is trusted worldwide to provide robust navigation and ship management solutions which are used by over 11,000 vessels and save shipping company customers many thousands of dollars in productivity, efficiency and purchasing improvements.




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